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Many business owners mistakenly believe if they post a "No Guns" sign on their store fronts they will be protecting their customers from violent criminal acts involving a firearm.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  Gun free zones leave innocent people defenseless against criminals intent on causing harm.  Proponents of the right to self-defense can utilize these cards to help educate and inform individuals who believe disarming good people will protect them from bad ones.  These examples are draft versions of standard business cards that can be given out to proprieters who have posted "No Guns Allowed" signs.

Citizens with permits to carry weapons have:

NO felony convictions
NO domestic violence arrests
NO convictions involving a firearm
NO restraining orders against them
NO warrants for their arrest
NO history of mental health illness
NO drug or substance abuse history

PASSED required state and federal background checks
PASSED state mandated training in the safe use of firearms and applicable law
PASSED certification by law enforcement to carry a firearm

renounced their citizenship to the United States
NEVER been dishonorably discharged by the U.S. Armed Forces

If you are interested in these cards, please use the download links below each card to obtain a copy to send to a printer of your choosing.

Download: NoGuns-Front.pdf Download: NoGuns-Back.pdf

Your sign does NOT deter criminals
Gun-free zones create a false sense of security
Signs don't stop criminals - armed citizens do
Rendering innocent people helpless does not make you safer and leaves families defenseless against acts of violence.
This card is ideal for using as you are departing a "no guns" establishment that you have already concluded business with.  You might also slide this card across the table as you are going through the check-out process.  In many cases, you don't necessarily want to turn around and walk out of a store just because you're excercising your right to self-defense.  However, it's still important to communicate to the management that their sign does NOT protect their customers.  This version is also good for leaving in any place where guns are prohibited, whether you are doing business there or not; tacked onto the bulletin board, in the "free drawing" bowl, etc.  The cards don't imply the business lost money - it just helps them understand the error of their thinking in promoting a "gun free zone".

Download: NoGunsNoMoney-Front.pdf Download: NoGunsNoMoney-Back.pdf

I saw your sign, and chose to spend my money elsewhere
Turn over to learn why you just lost a customer
Gun-free zones create a false sense of security
Your policies place customers at risk of becoming victims of acts of violence and prevent lawfully armed citizens from defending their families from attack.
The second version is for when you want a more impactful presentation of "I'm taking my money elsewhere" statement.  These cards can be given to management to show them that you will NOT be spending money in their establishment due to their unsafe policies.  Store owners don't consider the risk they are placing families in while shopping in their "gun free zones".  Letting them know you had to leave because you didn't want to risk your life or the life of your family sends a clear message.  Another and possibly best way to impart such a message to a business is to impact their bottom dollar.  If they start to understand how much money they may be losing because people won't submit to being made defenseless, they may be motivated to change their policies.
Both versions of the cards are two-sided with similar messages on the back.  The messages on the back help illustrate why individuals who carry weapons for self-defense are much more "safe" in terms of the rest of their potential customers.  They present a clear message of the level of accreditation required to possess and carry a weapon, as well as the criteria by which the individual is judged "safe".  It shows how lawful citizens with permits to carry weapons are not what a business should be protecting themselves against.  The messages also reinforce the ridiculous assumption that making good people helpless makes bad people harmless, and how futile the concept of "gun free zones" are.


Download: ThankYou.pdf

"For respecting our rights to self-defense"
"I appreciate your policies valuing the lives of your customers and supporting our rights to protect our families."

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