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Dear “Nightfall on the River”, whom offers no actual contact information but an obscure web form:
Per your frequently asked questions you state:
Rules and Regulations
• No illegal drugs.
• No weapons, fire arms, or fireworks.
Why do you specify ‘illegal drugs’ but not ‘illegal weapons’, when lawful citizens with permits to carry weapons are not a concern to the safety and security of your customers?  Many mistakenly believe if they post a "No Guns" sign on they will be protecting their customers from violent criminal acts involving a firearm.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  Gun free zones leave innocent people defenseless against criminals intent on causing harm.  Over 98% of all mass shooting events have occurred in “Gun Free Zones”.  Gun-free zones create a false sense of security and do NOT deter criminals.  Rendering innocent people helpless does not make you safer and leaves families defenseless against acts of violence.  Your policies place customers at risk of becoming victims of acts of violence and prevent lawfully armed citizens from defending their families from attack.

Citizens with permits to carry weapons have:
NO felony convictions
NO domestic violence arrests
NO convictions involving a firearm
NO restraining orders against them
NO warrants for their arrest
NO history of mental health illness
NO drug or substance abuse history
PASSED required state and federal background checks
PASSED state mandated training in the safe use of firearms and applicable law
PASSED certification by law enforcement to carry a firearm

renounced their citizenship to the United States
NEVER been dishonorably discharged by the U.S. Armed Forces

What do you know about your OTHER customers who don’t have permits to carry weapons?  I notice you have no policies prohibiting felons at your event.  You’ve no policies allowing people with restraining orders or who have been involved in domestic violence arrests from attending.  You’ve no posted policies prohibiting drug addicts or those with mental illnesses.  Your policies prohibit a plethora of individuals who have demonstrated their propensity for lawlessness, crime, and violence and you welcome them to mingle amongst the general public.  Your policies welcome individuals who may have strong gang affiliations and felony murder convictions, who have a history of violence and substance abuse, but not the lawful citizen who is a United States Marine Corps veteran and has a permit to carry weapons issued by the State of Iowa.  Your policies disrespecting families the opportunity to defend themselves is wholly negligent and results in many not being able or willing to place themselves at risk.  If you would amend your posted event policies to prohibit “illegal weapons or firearms”, and welcome/allow lawful citizens with permits to carry weapons, it would then ensure the safety of your guests and be in alignment with the Simon Estes Amphitheater rules – which do not prohibit the lawful carrying of weapons by visitors.
Thank you.